Tucson Old Time Appalachian String Band Jam
Old Time Jam On Hold!! 2nd and 4th Monday evenings 7pm-9pm Lucky Strike Bowling Alley Bar 4015 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85712 The bar is completely sound proof, bowling shirts optional. For more information and to be added to the mailing list:
Here are a few guidelines to help you know what to expect when you come to the jam: We play in a circle, about 10' across, which helps us to hear and keep the rhythmic core together. If you arrive after the circle is filled, we can usually slide in another chair, or if it gets too big, an outside circle can be formed. We all play the tunes together (no instrumental breaks as in bluegrass jams), so listening is really important. Follow the strongest players and make your contribution part of the unifying old time sound. We use acoustic traditional instruments including fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, and bass, and occasionally dulcimer, squeeze box and harmonica. No Amplifiers or electronics please. We ask that you leave your written notation at home and enjoy the Old Time tradition of playing and learning by ear. We happily rely on the jam leaders to start most of the tunes, but don't be shy about starting or suggesting tunes yourself, or even singing a song now and then!
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